presemtation test
3/17/2020mp43 MB3/17/2020
Trash or Treasure
6/15/2018mp332 MB6/15/2018
Born from Hardship
6/07/2018mp338 MB6/07/2018
Wise Counsel
5/22/2018mp332 MB5/22/2018
Be Courageous
3/14/2018mp331 MB3/14/2018
3/05/2018mp331 MB3/05/2018
Be Holy
2/12/2018mp332 MB2/12/2018
n2it front
1/15/2018jpg48 KB1/15/2018
n2it audio
1/15/2018jpg6 KB1/15/2018
God is Great
1/14/2018mp331 MB1/14/2018
1/14/2018mp330 MB1/14/2018
xmas 2 remember web
11/25/2017jpg175 KB11/25/2017
Love 101
11/18/2017mp327 MB11/18/2017
Something Changed
11/18/2017mp333 MB11/18/2017
What to do
11/18/2017mp335 MB11/18/2017
The Way Intro
9/12/2017mp336 MB9/12/2017
Why we need Jesus
9/12/2017mp333 MB9/12/2017
9/12/2017mp336 MB9/12/2017
8/27/2017jpg67 KB8/27/2017
web audio
8/27/2017jpg5 KB8/27/2017
We can pray
7/01/2017mp329 MB7/01/2017
Our backyard
7/01/2017mp338 MB7/01/2017
6/13/2017mp331 MB6/13/2017
One Goal
6/13/2017mp328 MB6/13/2017
Shrewd Christians
5/28/2017mp328 MB5/28/2017
Memorial day 2017
5/28/2017mp329 MB5/28/2017
The Sower
5/09/2017mp330 MB5/09/2017
web front ad
5/01/2017jpg175 KB5/01/2017
parable audio
5/01/2017jpg11 KB5/01/2017
Parables Intro
5/01/2017mp334 MB5/01/2017
The resurrection
4/16/2017mp330 MB4/16/2017
Jim Word 01 it is finished
4/09/2017mp329 MB4/09/2017
Christ Crucified
4/03/2017mp337 MB4/03/2017
Convenience or Conviction
3/31/2017mp330 MB3/31/2017
3/14/2017mp341 MB3/14/2017
Spring Break
3/14/2017mp331 MB3/14/2017
Getting Along 2
2/14/2017mp331 MB2/14/2017
Dry Bones
1/30/2017mp335 MB1/30/2017
1/30/2017mp329 MB1/30/2017
With Greater Knowledge
1/09/2017mp339 MB1/09/2017
New Year 2017
1/02/2017mp339 MB1/02/2017
12/10/2016mp331 MB12/10/2016
The Path
12/10/2016mp331 MB12/10/2016
stress with times web
12/10/2016jpg113 KB12/10/2016
stress audio
12/10/2016jpg11 KB12/10/2016
Orphan Sunday
11/21/2016mp328 MB11/21/2016
2 Wisdom
11/21/2016mp329 MB11/21/2016
10/12/2016mp331 MB10/12/2016
Where were you
9/12/2016mp338 MB9/12/2016
Jesus Prayer John 17
9/07/2016mp333 MB9/07/2016
8/21/2016mp334 MB8/21/2016
forest and trees
8/07/2016mp332 MB8/07/2016
throw off
8/07/2016mp334 MB8/07/2016
Jericho 2016
8/07/2016mp330 MB8/07/2016
Joseph 1
8/07/2016mp341 MB8/07/2016
Growing Faith
6/27/2016mp339 MB6/27/2016
The cloud web front
6/22/2016jpg112 KB6/22/2016
the cloud audio
6/22/2016jpg8 KB6/22/2016
6/22/2016mp328 MB6/22/2016
6/22/2016mp332 MB6/22/2016
God and Country 2
6/22/2016mp332 MB6/22/2016
Colossians 3 18
4/20/2016mp335 MB4/20/2016
4/10/2016mp330 MB4/10/2016
Easter 2016
4/02/2016mp3846 KB4/02/2016
Easter 20116 2
4/02/2016mp328 MB4/02/2016
No Touch
3/07/2016mp336 MB3/07/2016
3/02/2016mp325 MB3/02/2016
Walk in Christ
3/02/2016mp323 MB3/02/2016
3/02/2016mp335 MB3/02/2016
Colossus Christian
1/26/2016mp338 MB1/26/2016
Paul an apostle
1/18/2016mp334 MB1/18/2016
A Healthy Home 1
1/14/2016mp331 MB1/14/2016
1/14/2016jpg93 KB1/14/2016
Colossus web audio
1/14/2016jpg8 KB1/14/2016
10/23/2015mp330 MB10/23/2015
The Bible on Suffering
9/05/2015mp335 MB9/05/2015
The Crucible
9/05/2015mp336 MB9/05/2015
No Greater Love Belize
8/10/2015mp333 MB8/10/2015
8/10/2015mp331 MB8/10/2015
a to j
6/17/2015mp335 MB6/17/2015
web front ad
6/03/2015jpg57 KB6/03/2015
audio 1st aid
6/03/2015jpg4 KB6/03/2015
6/03/2015mp334 MB6/03/2015
War and Peace
5/24/2015mp327 MB5/24/2015
Prayer Against the Wind
5/17/2015mp335 MB5/17/2015
Against the Law
5/09/2015mp326 MB5/09/2015
What does that look like
4/28/2015mp328 MB4/28/2015
Luke 15
4/20/2015mp324 MB4/20/2015
wind damage
4/16/2015mp331 MB4/16/2015
4/11/2015jpg69 KB4/11/2015
Against wind audio
4/11/2015jpg4 KB4/11/2015
The Empty Tomb
4/05/2015mp327 MB4/05/2015
The Cross of Christ
3/30/2015mp328 MB3/30/2015
3/25/2015mp332 MB3/25/2015
Jesus Cleans Temple
3/11/2015mp335 MB3/11/2015
2/23/2015mp339 MB2/23/2015
web front final
2/21/2015jpg38 KB2/21/2015
7 days audio
2/21/2015jpg5 KB2/21/2015
Mind of God
2/15/2015mp330 MB2/15/2015
Hand of God
2/08/2015mp332 MB2/08/2015
Compassion of God
2/01/2015mp334 MB2/01/2015
And God Said
1/25/2015mp331 MB1/25/2015
Ears of God
1/23/2015mp336 MB1/23/2015
logo audio final
1/14/2015jpg9 KB1/14/2015
logo front page final
1/14/2015jpg124 KB1/14/2015
God is Watching
1/14/2015mp334 MB1/14/2015
Unnatural Part 2
12/21/2014mp331 MB12/21/2014
Unnatural Part 1
12/14/2014mp333 MB12/14/2014
Hope 2
12/11/2014mp317 MB12/11/2014
12/11/2014mp34 MB12/11/2014
Simeon Patience
11/30/2014mp329 MB11/30/2014
A hidden secret
11/23/2014mp336 MB11/23/2014
Thank You
11/20/2014mp333 MB11/20/2014
Gods Call
11/09/2014mp332 MB11/09/2014
God Calls We Care
11/02/2014mp339 MB11/02/2014
Is That All
10/26/2014mp330 MB10/26/2014
Spiritual World
10/23/2014mp330 MB10/23/2014
web front least
10/21/2014jpg71 KB10/21/2014
least audio
10/21/2014jpg4 KB10/21/2014
Raising the Stakes
10/15/2014mp329 MB10/15/2014
The Path
10/05/2014mp331 MB10/05/2014
9/28/2014mp334 MB9/28/2014
Dont Tell Anyone
9/27/2014mp338 MB9/27/2014
Not Like The Others
9/16/2014mp329 MB9/16/2014
web audio
9/07/2014jpg7 KB9/07/2014
Worth Dying For
9/07/2014mp327 MB9/07/2014
web ad final
9/05/2014jpg77 KB9/05/2014
8/24/2014mp336 MB8/24/2014
Passion for God
8/22/2014mp330 MB8/22/2014
The Plan 2
8/10/2014mp331 MB8/10/2014
The Plan 1
8/04/2014mp334 MB8/04/2014
Living Leadership
7/20/2014mp333 MB7/20/2014
You Are Valuable
7/13/2014mp327 MB7/13/2014
In God We Trust
7/07/2014mp324 MB7/07/2014
June 22
6/26/2014mp330 MB6/26/2014
Fathers Day
6/15/2014mp332 MB6/15/2014
Servant of God
6/10/2014mp336 MB6/10/2014
Titus Intro 3
6/01/2014mp322 MB6/01/2014
Titus Intro 2
6/01/2014mp36 MB6/01/2014
Titus Intro
6/01/2014mp35 MB6/01/2014
Titus Web Front
5/26/2014jpg127 KB5/26/2014
Titus Web Audio
5/26/2014jpg9 KB5/26/2014
texas and Z audio pic
5/26/2014jpg7 KB5/26/2014
Memorial Day
5/26/2014mp334 MB5/26/2014
web audio compassion
5/18/2014jpg10 KB5/18/2014
5/18/2014mp337 MB5/18/2014
Mothers Day 2
5/12/2014mp319 MB5/12/2014
Mothers Day 1
5/12/2014mp314 MB5/12/2014
In The Meantime
5/05/2014mp336 MB5/05/2014
One More Thing
4/27/2014mp329 MB4/27/2014
The Resurrection
4/21/2014mp332 MB4/21/2014
The Cross
4/13/2014mp333 MB4/13/2014
True Worship
3/23/2014mp333 MB3/23/2014
Thirst Quencher
3/16/2014mp339 MB3/16/2014
What is Love
3/02/2014mp331 MB3/02/2014
Cleansing the temple
2/23/2014mp335 MB2/23/2014
Wedding at Cana
2/16/2014mp331 MB2/16/2014
The First Thing
2/09/2014mp334 MB2/09/2014
There Came A Man 2
2/02/2014mp326 MB2/02/2014
There Came A Man 1
2/02/2014mp35 MB2/02/2014
In Him Was Life
1/31/2014mp331 MB1/31/2014
The Word Was God
1/21/2014mp331 MB1/21/2014
Eternity in our Hearts
1/14/2014mp330 MB1/14/2014
You Will Be Blessed
1/05/2014mp337 MB1/05/2014
web logo front
1/04/2014jpg78 KB1/04/2014
web audio
1/04/2014jpg7 KB1/04/2014
Cradle to Cross
12/30/2013mp320 MB12/30/2013
What He Sees
12/22/2013mp328 MB12/22/2013
Fill It Up
12/15/2013mp328 MB12/15/2013
11/25/2013jpg110 KB11/25/2013
11/25/2013jpg8 KB11/25/2013
11/24/2013mp337 MB11/24/2013
Wisdom of the Father
11/17/2013mp330 MB11/17/2013
No Longer Orphans
11/10/2013mp331 MB11/10/2013
heir front page
11/07/2013jpg48 KB11/07/2013
heir audio
11/07/2013jpg3 KB11/07/2013
web audio pic
11/04/2013jpg10 KB11/04/2013
Orphan Sunday
11/04/2013mp327 MB11/04/2013
Sacrifice and faith
10/27/2013mp334 MB10/27/2013
10/21/2013mp332 MB10/21/2013
Shrewd manager
10/13/2013mp323 MB10/13/2013
10 years audio
10/06/2013jpg4 KB10/06/2013
10th anniv
10/06/2013mp337 MB10/06/2013
Hell has its place
9/29/2013mp326 MB9/29/2013
Hell is a place
9/23/2013mp333 MB9/23/2013
audio pic
9/15/2013jpg10 KB9/15/2013
To Have Life
9/15/2013mp328 MB9/15/2013
web front 2nd chance
9/15/2013jpg141 KB9/15/2013
Samson Part 3
9/08/2013mp327 MB9/08/2013
If Then 2nd
9/07/2013mp340 MB9/07/2013
Samson Part 2
9/01/2013mp328 MB9/01/2013
If Then
8/26/2013mp333 MB8/26/2013
A Hard Pill To Swallow (2)
8/18/2013mp339 MB8/18/2013
Samson Part 1
8/18/2013mp334 MB8/18/2013
And Jesus Said Part 2
8/04/2013mp344 MB8/04/2013
And Jesus Said Part 1
8/04/2013mp327 MB8/04/2013
A Hard Pill To Swallow
8/04/2013mp339 MB8/04/2013
Gideons declining budget
8/04/2013mp339 MB8/04/2013
Wrong Way Gods Will
7/07/2013mp333 MB7/07/2013
When the odds are lousy
6/30/2013mp334 MB6/30/2013
Use What Youve Got
6/30/2013mp333 MB6/30/2013
Fathers Day
6/16/2013mp333 MB6/16/2013
Gods Place For Me
6/11/2013mp331 MB6/11/2013
A Compromising Position
6/02/2013mp337 MB6/02/2013
judges audio
6/01/2013jpg8 KB6/01/2013
The Kingdom of God - 2
5/20/2013mp330 MB5/20/2013
She Laughed
5/12/2013mp327 MB5/12/2013
5/05/2013mp329 MB5/05/2013
Imperfectly Perfect
4/28/2013mp334 MB4/28/2013
4/21/2013mp330 MB4/21/2013
4/14/2013mp333 MB4/14/2013
Confronting Death
4/07/2013mp335 MB4/07/2013
Lost and Found
3/31/2013mp332 MB3/31/2013
Ready or Not
3/24/2013mp333 MB3/24/2013
The Same God
3/17/2013mp328 MB3/17/2013
Cant God Just Ignore It
3/10/2013mp332 MB3/10/2013
Where Things Go Wrong
3/09/2013mp336 MB3/09/2013
100 Years from Now
2/24/2013mp329 MB2/24/2013
believer audio web
2/23/2013jpg5 KB2/23/2013
Web front
2/23/2013jpg65 KB2/23/2013
A Secure Base
2/17/2013mp329 MB2/17/2013
Unspoiling Children
2/12/2013mp334 MB2/12/2013
Slow Down Ok
2/05/2013mp334 MB2/05/2013
Children and Worry
1/27/2013mp335 MB1/27/2013
Respond Dont Panic
1/21/2013mp331 MB1/21/2013
Saving Our Children Intro
1/16/2013mp331 MB1/16/2013
web front page small
1/12/2013jpg90 KB1/12/2013
saving our children audio
1/12/2013jpg7 KB1/12/2013
Do Over
1/06/2013mp333 MB1/06/2013
Special Guest
1/03/2013mp333 MB1/03/2013
Equal and Opposite
12/23/2012mp335 MB12/23/2012
web front page
12/21/2012jpg63 KB12/21/2012
God Keeps His Promises
12/16/2012mp335 MB12/16/2012
The Name Jesus
12/16/2012mp325 MB12/16/2012
christmas audio
11/27/2012jpg11 KB11/27/2012
Attitude for Joy
11/11/2012mp332 MB11/11/2012
11/11/2012jpg12 KB11/11/2012
t giving front page
11/10/2012jpg169 KB11/10/2012
Veterans day front page
11/10/2012jpg112 KB11/10/2012
The UnKingdom
11/05/2012mp327 MB11/05/2012
A Yankee Doodle Christian
10/30/2012mp334 MB10/30/2012
When Cultures Collide
10/22/2012mp335 MB10/22/2012
logo city front page
10/22/2012jpg158 KB10/22/2012
logo city audio
10/22/2012jpg10 KB10/22/2012
Step Buster Fear
10/15/2012mp332 MB10/15/2012
To Lead
10/09/2012mp328 MB10/09/2012
To Love
9/30/2012mp327 MB9/30/2012
To Live
9/23/2012mp335 MB9/23/2012
To Learn
9/16/2012mp327 MB9/16/2012
9/09/2012jpg6 KB9/09/2012
My Next Step With God
9/09/2012mp332 MB9/09/2012
A Life Long Adventure
8/26/2012mp325 MB8/26/2012
Good Family Seeds
8/19/2012mp335 MB8/19/2012
8/16/2012mp330 MB8/16/2012
A Heart of Kindness
8/05/2012mp331 MB8/05/2012
When God Says No
7/29/2012mp330 MB7/29/2012
Praise and Worship 2
7/22/2012mp333 MB7/22/2012
My Futures So Bright
7/15/2012mp334 MB7/15/2012
Worship Part 1
7/15/2012mp339 MB7/15/2012
Love Your Enemy
7/01/2012mp333 MB7/01/2012
No Heart or a Whole Heart
6/24/2012mp328 MB6/24/2012
6/24/2012mp328 MB6/24/2012
Saul vs David
6/12/2012mp333 MB6/12/2012
Facing the Big Issues
6/04/2012mp334 MB6/04/2012
The Psalms
5/27/2012mp333 MB5/27/2012
Pressure Tested
5/20/2012mp336 MB5/20/2012
praise audio
5/15/2012jpg9 KB5/15/2012
Distinct Children
5/13/2012mp332 MB5/13/2012
We Wear Sandals
5/09/2012mp327 MB5/09/2012
I Wear Sandals
4/30/2012mp331 MB4/30/2012
Undercover Boss
4/27/2012mp333 MB4/27/2012
Beyond the Walls
4/21/2012mp332 MB4/21/2012
Making Things Right
4/09/2012mp328 MB4/09/2012
Peter vs Judas
3/26/2012mp336 MB3/26/2012
3/20/2012mp331 MB3/20/2012
The Vine and The Branches
3/13/2012mp332 MB3/13/2012
Godly Bootcamp
3/04/2012mp332 MB3/04/2012
But I Tell You
3/01/2012mp342 MB3/01/2012
A Godly Wingman
2/19/2012mp337 MB2/19/2012
The Word Became Flesh
2/16/2012mp333 MB2/16/2012
sandals audio
2/11/2012jpg8 KB2/11/2012
Godly Wisdom
2/06/2012mp332 MB2/06/2012
1/29/2012mp330 MB1/29/2012
Doctinal Integrity
1/26/2012mp337 MB1/26/2012
Christ-like Relationships
1/16/2012mp331 MB1/16/2012
core audio
1/10/2012jpg5 KB1/10/2012
1/10/2012mp330 MB1/10/2012
1/01/2012mp329 MB1/01/2012
You Are Clear For Takeoff
11/20/2011mp332 MB11/20/2011
11/07/2011mp334 MB11/07/2011
The Search for Joy
10/30/2011mp334 MB10/30/2011
If You Love Me
10/24/2011mp332 MB10/24/2011
10/18/2011mp329 MB10/18/2011
Jim Word - Hot or Cold
10/12/2011mp332 MB10/12/2011
Lost and Found
10/07/2011mp333 MB10/07/2011
9/26/2011mp332 MB9/26/2011
No Greater Love
9/19/2011jpg149 KB9/19/2011
no greater love audio
9/19/2011jpg11 KB9/19/2011
9/18/2011mp339 MB9/18/2011
9/15/2011mp322 MB9/15/2011
9/15/2011mp32 MB9/15/2011
9/06/2011mp332 MB9/06/2011
9/02/2011mp329 MB9/02/2011
8/23/2011mp333 MB8/23/2011
8/16/2011mp332 MB8/16/2011
8/07/2011mp333 MB8/07/2011
Jim Word - Special Guest
8/07/2011mp329 MB8/07/2011
7/29/2011mp331 MB7/29/2011
7/16/2011mp332 MB7/16/2011
art of family small
7/03/2011jpg10 KB7/03/2011
7/03/2011mp333 MB7/03/2011
6/28/2011mp331 MB6/28/2011
6/23/2011mp339 MB6/23/2011
6/13/2011mp327 MB6/13/2011
6/13/2011mp312 MB6/13/2011
6/06/2011mp335 MB6/06/2011
5/30/2011mp338 MB5/30/2011
5/26/2011mp339 MB5/26/2011
01 Not In Darkness Intro
5/19/2011mp377 MB5/19/2011

Loving People One At A Time